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Blurry Lights


My name is Marco Lopez and I work as a freelance sound designer in film and tv-drama. I moved to Sweden in 2014 where I have been collaborating with different sound studios such as Filmlance International Studio, Edisen, Nordic United, Cloudberry Post, Auditory and Enric ProductionIn Gothenburg I have my own sound studio where I work with my own equipment on a 5.1 sound system. 

Music was the reason that led me to sound engineering studies in Santiago in Chile, but during the course of "Sound Design for Film’" at the final semester of my studies, I was immediately fascinated on how sound effects can evoke emotions and enhance the visual experience. On that precise moment, my sound engineering and music studies made absolute sense for me and I finally discovered my true passion. Since then I have been embarked on an endless search for constant knowledge and to discover new sound design techniques. 

In Chile I started working as a freelance Foley Recordist/Editor at the sound studio "Filmosonido". That was my practical introduction into film sound. There I learned how to properly use the microphones in order to record Foley and I witness at the same time, the mastery of the Foley Artist performing live and emphasizing organically any given character shown on the screen.   

In Cyprus, I had my own sound studio where I worked on different tasks within the same project, such as ADR recording/editing, Foley recording/editing, sound design and premixing. Having the chance also to be present during the final mix of the same project, allowed me to have an overview on the entire project.

After some time working in Cyprus on my own, it was time for me to take the next step in my professional growth and for that I decided to work within a team, next to skilled and talented sound designers. That was the reason why I moved to Sweden. During these years, I have further developed my knowledge in sound design, I learned to work quickly and efficiently without affecting the quality and also to work within a sound design team on larger projects, with higher requirements. 


Languages:  Greek       (Native Proficiency)

                            Spanish  (Full Professional Proficiency)

                            English   (Full Professional Proficiency)

                            Swedish (Professional Working Proficiency)

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