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A Scarlet Film



A documentary that I worked on had it's premier on the 26th of January. If you happen to come across it, I would recommend you to watch it!
Directed by: Charlotte Berglin
Sound Team:
Re recording mixer: Gustaf Berger
Sound Editor: Marco Lopez
"What does aging really mean? And who decides if and when you are an aunt?
Aunt has long been a term that many times has become a symbol of period attributes, something downward, unfashionable, whiny and unattractive. But the aunt may be anything but that. In addition, she has stopped valuing what others think and think about her. As sisters Jessica and Rebecca begin to approach sixty, the examination of play and life's assigned roles begins. When filmmaker Charlotte Berglin is invited to document the sisters' play, she sees something different in their relationship. Something that will take ten years to investigate. It is said that play is crucial for the child's development, processing and understanding the world around him. But who says the game ends there? A universal and unique film about sibling love, play, sadness, rivalry and a large portion of humor.”

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